Why did I make this blog?

I am very famous. In fact, I’m extremely famous and have more money than I know what to do with. It’s ridiculous. In case you’re wondering, I’m a celebrity, one of the more well known. However, I will not divulge exactly who I am because I want to use this blog as a space to voice my true opinions, concerns, and any general thoughts I might have without the risk of being publicly humiliated and criticized. If you read all my posts, you might figure out who I am. If you do, please keep it to yourself as I hope for this space to become the foundation for an ongoing relationship between myself and a following that does not know my true identity.

Let’s begin!


“Falling” in Love

Love is a strange thing. Does is just happen? Or can it be controlled? Well, psychologist Arthur Aron carried out an experiment roughly 20 years ago attempting to answer this question. His basic idea was this: take two strangers and have them ask each other 36 questions, each more probing than the last. His hypothesis was that shared vulnerability caused feelings of intimacy and even love. And when he put it to the test in his lab, two of his subjects (initially complete strangers), ended up getting married.

To me, this is fascinating, so I decided to try it myself.
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What did I do?

I hardly remember anything of the party. And it’s experiences like this that make me question the benefits of a celebrity life style. But while we’re at it, I’ll tell you what I do remember.
The party was at a friend of a friend’s house on the island, and it was by far the craziest party I’ve ever been too. Not because of how many people (there were only about 150), but because of the amount of drugs, sex, and alcohol. It was obscene. I walk in and am immediately greeted by the host, who is high off his ass, holding a bottle of vodka, with his arm rapped around a (almost naked) girl. The party, being completely informal in nature, was filled with guys wearing unbuttoned t-shirts and girls in bikinis.
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Gettin ready for the PARTY!

Lexi and I stayed on the beach for a couple hours, splitting our time fairly evenly between the golden white sand and the pristine clear water. What a day! After getting to know her a little better (she just graduated college and is trying to figure out what to do with her life), we decided to go get some lunch together: barbecue! We talked for another couple hours about our interests and she asked what it’s like to be a celebrity and I told her “it’s really not that great.” Because it isn’t.
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An Awesome Start

Today was a particularly good day in my life (something that doesn’t happen very often). When you reach a certain level of fame, paparazzi are an unavoidable aspect of life. And honestly, sometimes, I just want to shoot them all in the face. Ahhh!!! But lets get back on point.
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